Production Of Articles In Platinum Silicone

Tps Srl Produces Quality Articles In Silicone

TPS Srl is a company with years of experience in the production and design of 100% PLATINUM SILICONE (LSR – HTV) articles, having by his side a group of highly qualified employees.

The high-tech production lines, the specialized employees, the attention and the precision with which every article is produced and controlled, allows the company to be known from the beginning on the marketplace and yet today confirms itself as a trustworthy partner for companies which seeks for high quality PLATINUM SILICONE components intended for various sectors.


From the articles in liquid silicone LSR to solid silicone HTV components , in TPS each piece is made with care and following meticulous production processes to meet every kind of application, from food to medical industry, from the cosmetic to the industrial sector. Through advanced machinery for injection / compression moulding, each piece is made with the highest precision.


Always to ensure the safety of silicone manufactured products, TPS uses only 100% PLATINIC SILICONE. The Silicone (VMQ) is a polymer that is environmentally friendly at every stage of its production, even at the end of his life being incinerated returns to inert silica state without harmful emissions to the environment. In addition to having an excellent temperature range from - 40 ° C to + 250 ° C, it is completely non-toxic - odorless - tasteless. With adequate post-curing treatment it’s particularly suitable for use in the PHARMA / MEDICAL and FOOD industry. You can use it either colorless in a wide range of colors, it has high weather resistance, excellent electrical properties, and excellent processability and meets with FDA and CE regulations.